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A Sound & Puppet Archaeology

poster05Carmouth & Dashboard
A Sound and Puppet Archaeology of Vehicular Emissions 
And Other Excited Rotations – A Holiday Snap In Motion Flux


Paul Rogers has collaborated with Puppet Theatre Director Matt Smith on this performance based work.

It mixes noise, object, theatre and puppetry in a semi-improvised burst of sound and image.
Both Paul and Matt are exploring the world of ‘Junk’ in their respective fields, and this show builds soundscapes, instruments, puppets, objects and conceptual themes from the abandoned and the pollutive aspects of Transport and Travel.
Junk Instruments are used for the acoustic qualities but are also transformed electronically to create new and idiosyncratic methods of sound performance.
Abandoned objects are used as props and functional items in the show. 
Puppets, lighting objects and other performative materials are constructed from the detritus of society.

The performance starts at 5pm on Friday 6th June in Axis Arts Centre @ MMU Cheshire in Crewe.